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Laser therapy dogHealth and Wellness Animal Hospital provides both traditional and alternative treatment options to provide the best care for your pets. One of our specialties is pain management using laser therapy.

Laser therapy utilizes a beam of light, which penetrates deeply into tissues to produce physiologic positive changes that both modify pain neurochemicals and reduces inflammation in the tissues.

In other words, laser therapy treatment reduces pain, decreases inflammation, and accelerates healing in pets. It's a pain free-treatment that feels like a warm massage!

Therapeutic laser can be used to treat acute and chronic ear infections, arthritis, hot spots, fractures, and a variety of other conditions in pets. Protocols vary from a single treatment to a series of treatments spaced accordingly, depending on the severity of the symptoms and how chronic the condition is. 

Here are 5 things you need to know about laser therapy and how it’ll help your pet feel better and heal quicker:

What Does Laser Therapy Do?

Laser therapy reduces pain, inflammation, and accelerates healing.

How Does It Work?

Cells take the waves of light and convert them into energy causing biochemical reactions, similar to the process of photosynthesis in plants.

Why Use Laser Therapy?

To work in conjunction with other treatments to decrease healing time, pain, and discomfort.

When Can It Be Used? 

Patients presenting with pain, inflammation, or healing issues of bone or tissue, whether chronic or acute, are candidates for laser therapy.

Where Can This Be Done?

This is performed by a trained technician right in our hospital, and you can be present while it's being done!

Call us at (603) 926-5500 if you have questions, or to find out if laser therapy is right for your pet. We also offer veterinary acupuncture, herbal supplements, as well as traditional treatment options. Our primary goal is to help pets recover, heal, and return to full function quickly, because their pain is our pain.