Farewell Dr. Tellier!

We wish her goodluck
in her new chapter!
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Nicole Tellier, DVMTo all of our valued clients, we would like to inform you that after four years, Dr. Nicole Tellier will be leaving Health and Wellness Animal Hospital. She has accepted a position at Fisherville Animal Hospital in Concord, NH, which is closer to her home.

Although it was a hard decision for her to make, we are very supportive of her and the new opportunities she will have there. Her last day of appointments will be on Friday July 20th. We hope you will all wish her well, as we do.

Feel free to stop in, or email her (clientcare@healthandwellnessanimalhosp.com) your words of encouragement. Dr. Chag and Dr. Casey, along with the rest of the staff, will continue to meet your pet’s needs, and we hope to welcome an additional doctor very soon.

Thank you for your continued support!

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Did you know cats are masters of disguise? The signs of pain or illness may be subtle for months before it is noticed there is something “off”. That’s why it is important to bring your feline friend in for regular checkups and testing. After the age of seven years old we recommend an exam every six months and bloodwork once yearly. After all, our six months is approximately three and a half years in your pet’s life!

Does your cat like to play? Perfect, keep them moving. The results from one study following 3 million pets in 2016 showed a 169% increase in feline obesity, and 1 in 100 cats diagnosed with diabetes.

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digital pet xrayHealth & Wellness Animal Hospital now offers digital x-rays for pets!

Digital radiography does not use conventional film. This allows for the highest quality images, while using the lowest possible exposure of x-rays to your pet. This method is not only safer, but also more advanced as these digital images can be computer-enhanced to increase detail. We will also be able to store, print and email these digital files to share.

We are excited for this new addition and how it will improve our services for our clients!