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"Maggie" chases a ball as "Buster" rubs against your legs and purrs. They are both up to date on vaccines and all is right in their world... They are healthy, right? You know they look good on the outside, but are they healthy on the inside?

Blood Work SpecialsGetting Wellness Blood Work for your pet will provide the ever important baseline profile, and may also uncover any underlying medical problems that you and the doctors here at Health and Wellness Animal Hospital may not have been aware of.

During August 2015 we are offering 25% off Wellness Blood Work, which is a baseline screen for all healthy young and senior pets.

You may also add on a Urinalysis for $20. This does not include blood work for routine medical monitoring, sick or pre-surgical blood work done the day of the procedure.

Plan Ahead for Your Pet's Dental Work

Blood work results will be valid for two months, so if you are considering a dentistry during the upcoming Dental Month in September 2015, or have any other upcoming surgical procedures that will require blood work, take advantage of the special pricing now!

Please call us today at (603) 926-5500 to schedule your pet's Wellness Blood Work.