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dog-and-cat-with-toothbrushRegular brushing, healthy diet, and chew toys go a long way toward keeping a pet's teeth healthy. But not all the way! Regular oral and dental check-ups should begin at one to two years of age and continue throughout your pet's lifetime. Not staying up on oral health can lead to dental disease and affect major organs including the heart, lungs and kidneys.

Since September is national Senior Pet Health Month, all of us at Health and Wellness Animal Hospital want to make sure our "Old Friends" — and young friends — have clean teeth and a healthy mouth going into the holidays.

Schedule a dental cleaning during the month of September 2015 for your pet (of any age) and get 20% off the teeth cleaning or "prophy."

After all, a healthy mouth is the first step toward a pet's overall wellness and longevity. Call us at (603) 926-5500 to schedule your pet's dental today!

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