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Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes... and Everything in Between

Laser therapyFor the month of November 2015, we are offering a discount on Pet Laser Therapy Packages! Call 603-926-5500 for more information and an appointment.

Chronic ear issues? Hot spot that won't heal? Abscess? Arthritis acting up? We've got what you need...

Widely used in human medicine since 2005, Pet Laser Therapy reduces pain, inflammation and accelerates healing. It is accepted by The American Veterinary Medical Association as a therapeutic treatment for all animals with great success.

How does it work?

Cells utilize the waves of light and convert the light into energy, causing biochemical reactions similar to photosynthesis in plants. Any patient presenting pain, inflammation, or healing issues will benefit from this therapy, including hip dysplasia, fractures, ulcers, acute trauma, post-op care and a variety of other conditions related to bone, muscle, skin, and soft tissue. It is a pain-free treatment that feels like a warm massage!

Laser Therapy protocols range from one to a series of treatments, and is performed by a trained veterinary technician right in our office. So why hesitate? Our primary goal is to help your pet recover, heal, and minimize pain from any condition, because their pain is our pain. Schedule an evaluation appointment today.