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Save 25% on Your Pet's Microchipping Today!

Microchip your petHave you ever seen a poster for a lost pet and thought that would never happen to you? We all want to protect our pets the best we can, but despite our best efforts the unexpected does happen.

You don't have to be hiking or on a cross-country road trip. It can be from a door left open, the neighbor's cat or dog, a squirrel beyond the fence, a crack of gunshot, or a bad storm.

The microchip is the size of a grain of rice and is inserted just under the skin between the animal's shoulders. It can be done at any time and is a quick and safe procedure.

If your pet is lost, the microchip provides police, animal control officers, and veterinarians access to your contact information and your dog or cat is returned home safe and sound as quickly as possible. If the unexpected does happen, we want to ensure the safe return of your companion!

During the month of October 2015, Health and Wellness Animal Hospital is encouraging everyone to microchip their pets by offering a 25% discount on microchips ($60.00 for the microchip and registration!).

A ten minute office visit is all it takes. Don't wait until the unexpected happens, microchip your pet today.