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fish oilThrough May 15, 2015, buy fish oil for your pet at Health & Wellness Animal Hospital and get $5 off!

We all know by now that fish oil provides a wealth of health benefits for our pet's minds and bodies. But did you know that the type of fish oil and the environment from which it's sourced, can make or break its benefits?

It is important to know exactly what kind of fish was used to make the product (some fish are very high in mercury), how it was farmed, the specific EPA and DHA ratio, how it is stored prior to sale, and the company's commitment to a consistent product.

Confused? Relax, no need to start your research… we'll do it all for you!

We can choose the right product for your pet's specific needs. We know your pet's health and the type of fish oil that would benefit them the most, whether it be to support joint, skin, mind and whole body health.

Be sure to discuss the benefits of fish oil with the veterinarian at your next visit. It is an amazing supplement to add to your pet's diet. Call us at (603) 926-5500 if you have questions or would like to to schedule your pet's next appointment.