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Blood testYou watch “Spot” chase his ball, wag his tail and eat like there is no tomorrow. “Puff” rubs against your legs, purrs and even catches a mouse now and then. They are both up to date on vaccines and all is right in their world …. They are healthy, right?

You know they look good on the outside, but are they healthy on the inside? By doing Wellness Blood Work it will provide the ever important baseline profile, and may also uncover an underlying medical problem that you and the doctors here at Health and Wellness Animal Hospital may not be aware of.

By taking advantage of our Wellness Blood Work discount for the month of January, you can give your four-legged family member a healthy start to 2016! Feel good knowing “Spot” and “Puff” look as great on the inside as they do on the outside.

We are offering a full Chemistry Profile, CBC, T4 and Urinalysis for $120.00 including the technician blood draw. We will also “Add On” a Canine 4DX for only $50.00 (in-house). An additional cystocentesis charge of $16.00 will be added for our feline friends.

Plan ahead- If you are considering a dentistry during February’s Dental Month, or any other upcoming surgical procedure that will require blood work, these results will be valid for 2 months. Take advantage of the Please call us today to schedule the Wellness Blood Work January Promotion with a technician at (603) 926-5500.